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Start the school year with a group tenting event in Frances Slocum State park!

We're going to the new place! Let's explore Frances Slocum State park together!
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Mark Twain Prep for Computer/Math, Science, and Creative Writing Talents
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North Brunswick location Schedule


Classes will be held on: 09/10, 09/17, 09/24, 10/08, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11/05, 11/12, 11/19, 12/03, 12/10, 12/17,

Our classes in North Brunswick, NJ

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  class   grade   time   teacher   description
   Afterschool_Art camp 2017              Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Afterschool_Chess camp_counc              Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Art 0          9:40-10:25    Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Art 1      k-2    10:55--11:40    Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Art 2      k    11:40-12:25    Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Art 4      mi    12:45-1:45    Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Art 5          1:00-1:45    Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Chess 0          10:40-11:25    N. M. Karakashyan       
   Chess Advanced          9:45-10:30    N. M. Karakashyan       
   Chess Beginners          12:50-1:35    N. M. Karakashyan       
   Chess Interm 2      3/4    11:40-12:25    N. M. Karakashyan       
   Chess Level 1          2:0-3:000    Yurii Karakashyan       
   Drop_off I      pre-sch    9:45-12:30    n/a    Russian
Early logic 
   English 2      1/2    9:25-10:25    Elizabeth Breau       
   English 3/ 4      4    10:30-11:30    Elizabeth Breau      Albert Einstein once said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” This class is designed to stimulate your child’s interest in reading with fairy tales, folk tales, and short poetry while reinforcing his or her academic skills with a rich, workbook-based curriculum that aligns to the Common Core. Weekly assignments will include grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Students will become familiar with all stages of the writing process and with the practice of peer review. Assessments will include vocabulary tests, grammar quizzes, and writing assignments that review the skills the children have been learning. 
   English 5/6      5/6 gr    2:05-3:35    Elizabeth Breau      Fifth graders are preparing for middle school, and this class will use poetry, short fiction, and a variety of critical thinking exercises to challenge your student to advance to the next level! Students will read and discuss a wide variety of material while also using a rich, workbook-based curriculum that aligns to the Common Core. When writing, we will emphasize the steps of the writing process: brainstorming, outlining, drafting, peer review, and revision. Students will also complete independent research projects that require them to find and synthesize information from various sources. Weekly assignments will include grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Assessments will include vocabulary tests, grammar quizzes, and writing assignments that are designed to prepare students for PARCC as well as for the more advanced material they will be expected to master in middle school. 
   English 7/8          12:30-2:00    Elizabeth Breau       
   English Debate      9/10    2:05-3:35    Lane Lawrence       
   English SAT          12:30-2:00    Lane Lawrence       
   Math 1          12:40-1:40    Mikhail Chernobilsky       
   Math 2      1    10:30-11:30    Mikhail Chernobilsky       
   Math 3 A      3    11:40 -12:40    Mary Marvin       
   Math 3 B          11:35-12:35    Mikhail Chernobilsky       
   Math 4A      4    8:45-10:00    Mary Marvin       
   Math 4B      4    12:45-2:15    Mary Marvin       
   Math 5      5    10:05-11:35    Mary Marvin       
   Math 9A      9    Saturday 9:00-10:30    Mary Marvin       
   Math Alg1      7    10:55-12:25    Oksana Boguslavskaya       
   Math Algebra 2      8    9:20-10:50    Oksana Boguslavskaya       
   Math Base of Al      6    12:30-2:00    Oksana Boguslavskaya       
   Math Geometry          2:05-3:35    Mikhail Chernobilsky       
   Math Level 3_VC          7:00 Tuesday    Mary Marvin       
   Math Precal          2:20-3:50    Mary Marvin       
   Russian 1      1    11:15-12:30    Liliya Brammer       
   Russian 2      2    12:35-2:05    Tatiana Salnikova       
   Russian 3/4 A      3/4    10:00-11:30    Julia Gordeeva       
   Russian 3/4 B      4    11:45--1:15    Julia Gordeeva       
   Russian 7      7    12:30-2:00    Artem Kalyanov       
   Russian AP exam      9 gr    10:55 -12:25    Artem Kalyanov      Дети 6-7 класса из русскоговорящих семей, хорошо говорящие по-русски и умеющие бегло читать.
Основные направления учебной программы:
- расширение словарного запаса: знакомство со значением новых слов, различные формы работы со словом: (словообразование), решение ребусов, шарад, кроссвордов, подбор синонимов и антонимов, однокоренные слова;
- развитие связной устной речи: обучение пересказу (краткому и подробному, от первого и третьего лица), составление рассказа по серии картинок и на определенную тему, развития умения сравнивать, обобщать, формулировать вопросы, правильное употребление слов в зависимости от рода, падежа, числа, употребление предлогов
- знакомство с произведениями современных авторов и классиков русской литературы,
- знакомство с основными правилами грамматики русского языка по учебнику «Русский без границ»,
- развитие умения писать сочинения и изложения,
- знакомство с историей России. 
   Russian BL_3      3    10:00-11:30    Tatiana Salnikova       
   Russian BL_B      7/8    9:15--10:30    Artem Kalyanov       
   Russian k      k        Liliya Brammer       
   Russian pre-k      3-4 yo    9:50-10:50    Liliya Brammer       
   Russian pre_k      4 yo    9:40-10:25    n/a     
   Russian_Drama Drama          11:35-12:30    Tatiana Salnikova       
   Second_Language_Russian Biling 1_N          8:45-9:45    Liliya Brammer