Important announcements

Start the school year with a group tenting event in Frances Slocum State park!

We're going to the new place! Let's explore Frances Slocum State park together!
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Mark Twain Prep for Computer/Math, Science, and Creative Writing Talents
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Fall 2014 Tuition/Fees in North Brunswick*:

  • 45 minute class - $19
  • 60 minute class - $26
  • 75 minute class - $32
  • 90 minute class - $39
Discounts: Free trial class in any subject for all new students!
  • We offer a family discount, 10% off for second child.

You can bring a check to school or pay online:

amount(no cents)
student's name

Books and Supplies:  Mathematics: Each child will need to buy textbooks which SchoolPlus provides. Art supplies paid for a semester

Absence Policy. Each student is allowed one excused absence for the semester.

Our payment schedule is split into two installments, we ask that you pay for half of the semester each time.  Forms of Payment We apologize but we currently do not accept credit cards. We accept cash or check. Please make the check payable to "SchoolPlus" with your child's name on the check.
 *If there are financial specific circumstances, please speak with us privately.

Class Cancelation.  In the event of inclement weather, information about school closing will be posted on our site in the "announcement" box. An e-mail will be sent to all parents and a voice message will be recorded on the phone number for our branch which is 732 2464150