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Register for summer sleep-away adventure camp in PA.

Please visit our Open House on Sunday, March 26, 3PM-4PM at Stuart Hall in Princeton (corner of Alexander Rd and Dickinson St.)
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Registration is opened for Summer camp 2017 in North Brunswwick

Summer Camp 2017 in North Brunswick
The camp is designed to promote Russian Language through a variety of activities, which include Russian, math, theater, Art , chess and sport all day long!
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Mathematical Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS)

Dates for MOEMS 2016_2017:
Nov 19th -20th
Dec 17th-18th
Jan 14th-15th
Feb 18th-19th
March 11th-12th
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Classes will be held on: 01/08, 01/15, 01/22, 01/29, 02/05, 02/12, 02/19, 02/26, 03/05, 03/12, 03/19, 03/26, 04/02, 04/09, 04/23, 04/30, 05/07, 05/14, 05/21, 06/04, 06/11, 06/18,

Our classes in North Brunswick, NJ

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  class   grade   time   teacher   description
   Math 8A      8    Saturday 9:00-10:30    Mary Marvin      We will continue with Algebra, moving into more difficult topics now. We will study quadratic equations and their graphs extensively, including transformations of quadratics (shifting, etc.) Many word problems, showing the usefulness of a quadratic equation will be looked at. Fractional expressions and equations, complex numbers (imaginary, using i) and absolute value equations will be studied. Along with this, well do MOEMS problems each week, now at the M level, as well as some very exciting and challenging problems from other contests like AMC, Math Counts, Mandelbrot. This class requires a very strong mathematical background and there is a placement test required for new students who wish to try it out. 
   Math Algebra 1      8    2:10-3:50    Stephanie Osinski-Rea      Algebra 1 
   Math Algebra2_n      7    12:35-2:05    Oksana Boguslavskaya       
   Math Geometry      8    09:20 10:50    Oksana Boguslavskaya       
   Math Prealgebra      6    10:55-12:25    Oksana Boguslavskaya      The middle grades are the time to acquire mastery and skills in all areas of arithmetic and this class is the place to accomplish this. We will review and deepen the areas of fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, area and perimeter (including composite shapes and circles). Students will do word problems on these topics as well. Some conceptsof pre-algebra will be introduced in fun settings for the kids, alongside fun topics like magic squares and logic puzzles. In addition, every month, starting from November to March, students will participate in math competition - MOEMS. Particular attention is paid in this class tomaking sure students are ready for the PARCC(6) next spring. 
   Russian 6      6/8 gr    12:30-2:00    Artem Kalyanov