Important announcements

Welcome to SchoolPlus in North Brunswick, NJ

Classes held on Sundays, at  Linwood Middle School, North Brunswick

This Fall 2019 SchoolPlus  Enrichment Program is offering Mathematics for Grades 1-10, Russian (all levels k-11, AP Russian), Art k-7, Chess (all levels) and Robotics

Contact us:  Phone is (732)246 4150


Summer 2019 (Jan-June) Virtual classes

Summer 2019 (June-July) Virtual classes

                                                                              • Advanced Math classes 3-5 gr by Zoya Koza
                                                                          • Review and preview math series for grades 3-6 by Mary Marvin
                                                                      • Advanced Math classes introducing AP tests for HS (Intro to Calc, Intensive Algebra I,                                                                                                                          Intensive SAT preparation) by Dr. Orlov

                                                          English-Writing Skills for Middle School students, SAT English by Lawrence Lane

                                                    Science classes : Introduction to AP Biology,• Introduction to AP Chemistry, taught by Dr. Litvine 

                                                • Latin lessons with Dr. Meerson

                               To see the summer schedule please go to: Website: 

                                                                   Call: 732-246-4150