Important announcements

No Summer Gap anymore! You will not need to spend time in fall to cover math forgotten during summer break. Be ready for fall classes, taking summer classes with your teacher. Do in summer what is hard to do during the school year!
“Virtual classes” is a new word in the technology of children education.

A class comes right to your home! There’s no need to drive anywhere.

A student can stay at home in front of his computer screen, and join others in a virtual classroom, where he can do all the same things he would do in a regular classroom – see, hear and communicate with his teacher and classmates, and present his work on the whiteboard on the screen.

Summer Virtual Classes

The program is designed to help students in the following ways:

1. Enrich their Math and English skills over the summer, for a successful start next fall.

2. Encourage students to learn subjects and topics outside the usual school curriculum:
Latin, Russian, Geography, Mythology and History.