Important announcements

Memorial weekend family camping get-together

Group family camping event at the beautiful Lackawanna State Park near Scranton, PA
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Hosted by SchoolPlus of Princeton
When: June 30 - July 7, 2019
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Early Math classes come to SchoolPlus North Brunswick location!. The class starts on March 17th at 10:30-11:15

Early Math classes for Pre-K/K students are teaching our youngest students math concepts as well as logical thinking
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Prep training course for AP Russian Exam 2019

The prep training course for AP Russsian Exam 2019 will be conducted by SchoolPlus via a virtual classroom. The dates are Feb 20th to April 24th, on Wed 6:30-8:00
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Summer Camp 2019, North Brunswick

Our camp designed to promote the Russian Language
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Aidan O Connor
Manhattan, NY; English, 4, 5-6; SHSAT_Practice_Tests, 7; Tests_preparation, 5

English 4 (Fall 2016)

The goal of this 4th grade ELA class is to not only improve studentsí ELA skills in the short term, but also introduce strong reading strategies and habits that will help studentsí skills improve for years to come. Each student will finish the course with a reliable and well-developed foundation to build off in the ELA subject area. The course will tackle fiction reading, non-fiction reading, figurative language, active reading, a few ELA test-taking strategies, basic grammar, analyzing text and more. Much of class and homework will involve reading and responding to text (age and grade appropriate material). Digesting complex text is an invaluable skill in both high school and college. Building strong focus and mental stamina at this age will benefit your child immensely in the years to come. The course will focus mostly on reading comprehension with a small amount of writing and grammar. Students can expect 30 minutes to 1 hour of homework each week.
Iím greatly looking forward to the class and hope to see you there!

SHSAT Practice (Fall 2016)

This course will focus exclusively on preparing students to succeed on the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) which determines entry/placement into the NYC Board of Education's "Specialized High Schools." (Ex: Stuyvesant HS, Bronx Science HS, Brooklyn Tech HS, LaGuardia HS, and many more.) These High Schools are some of the best education you can find in NYC and they are free! As a result, admissions are extremely competitive. The majority of students taking the exam will have taken some form of SHSAT prep beforehand; this is a fact! Don't let your child be at a disadvantage!

Personal Bio

Once you share a concept or idea with someone, they have it forever. This simple idea led to teaching becoming my passion. I believe the best kind of learning environment is one that is serious, but still fluid and creative. Different subjects require different areas of the brain which therefore require different learning environments. I aim to not only teach lesson content, but also build the characteristics and traits that make for strong learners and open-minds.
I have been teaching for 4 years now and find myself getting better each and every day.