Important announcements

Start of Staten Island classes Fall 2016

Schoolplus Staten Island classes start dates:
CSI (Sundays): September 11
Huguenot (Mondays and Wednesdays): September 19 and 21
Midland Beach (Thursdays): September 15
Art Studio (Saturdays): September 10
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Start of classes 2016 fall NJ

Schoolplus classes start in North Brunswick on Sep 11th, in Teaneck on Sep 10th and in Marlboro on Sep 13th
The new schedule for those locations posted
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Brooklyn classes Fall 2016

Schoolplus Brooklyn classes start dates:
IS 281 (Tuesdays): September 13
John Dewey High School (Saturdays): September 17
SHSAT 8th grade Practice Tests (Fridays): September 9
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7th Annual Labor Day Family Camping event

will take place in Lackawanna state park.
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MOEMS 2015-2016 results

SchoolPlus is thrilled at the news MOEMS gave us about results of 2015-2016.