Important announcements

Memorial weekend family camping get-together

Group family camping event at the beautiful Lackawanna State Park near Scranton, PA
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Hosted by SchoolPlus of Princeton
When: June 30 - July 7, 2019
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Early Math classes come to SchoolPlus North Brunswick location!. The class starts on March 17th at 10:30-11:15

Early Math classes for Pre-K/K students are teaching our youngest students math concepts as well as logical thinking
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Prep training course for AP Russian Exam 2019

The prep training course for AP Russsian Exam 2019 will be conducted by SchoolPlus via a virtual classroom. The dates are Feb 20th to April 24th, on Wed 6:30-8:00
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Summer Camp 2019, North Brunswick

Our camp designed to promote the Russian Language
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SchoolPlus Russian classes in

  class   grade   time   teacher   description
   Russian 3      2    1:15-2:30    Julia Gordeeva       
   Russian 4/5A      4/5    10:05-11:35    Julia Gordeeva       
   Russian 4/5B      4/5    11:40--1:10    Julia Gordeeva       
   Russian 8      8    9:15-10:45    Ellina Chernobilsky       
   Russian A      Pre-K    10:30-11:30    Liliya Brammer       
   Russian B      4-5    9:25-10:25    Liliya Brammer       
   Russian Bilingual-      10    10:00-11:00    Aleksandra Geiko       
   Russian BL_3      3    8:45-10:00    Julia Gordeeva       
   Russian C      1    11:40-12:40    Liliya Brammer       
   Russian Jonathan          10:00-10:30    Liliya Brammer       
   Russian 7/8      6-8    12:50-2:20    Mariana Marinich      fall 2016 
   Russian K          10:35-11:35    Larisa Tsvetkova       
   Russian speakers          11:45-12:45    Mariana Marinich       
   Russian 1      k    9:00 - 9:45    Antonina Lifshits      Spring 19

Russian 1

This class requires the knowledge of the alphabet. It will focus on further developing reading techniques and oral speech enrichment. We\'ll begin by reading syllables and short words continuing to reading and constructing short sentences, learning poems, songs, playing games, and \"staging\" mini-theatrical plays. 
   Russian 2      1-2    9:00 - 9:45    Nadezhda Zhavoronkina      Spring 19

This course is designed for 6-7 year-old children who are able to communicate in Russian on their age-appropriate level.

They should have familiarity with most of or all the letters of Russian alphabet, as well as the ability to read syllables and simple words with confidence.The goals of this class are to develop oral communication skills, to increase the size of students’ active vocabulary, and to improve reading and writing skills.

Students will learn to recognize and identify of nouns, verbs and adjectives, and will be acquainted with the concepts of synonyms and antonyms. Weekly homework will consist of reading and writing exercises, as well as vocabulary-enriching activities. 
   Russian 3      2-4    9:50 - 10:35    Nadezhda Zhavoronkina      Spring 19

This course is designed for second-, third- and fourth-grade students who have an intermediate to a strong understanding of the Russian language. Students will be studying the parts of speech, the singular and plural form of nouns, and the gender of nouns and adjectives. Students will be introduced to descriptive and informative texts, and they will learn to read and analyze short texts. The reading program uses guided reading to expose children to a variety of age-appropriate literature. Interactive stories will build fluency, sequencing skills and the ability to determine the setting of a passage.

Dictation exercises will aim to strengthen students’ ability to write words and short sentences independently. Also, dictations will aid students in the development of attention, memory, and thinking processes necessary for eventual language proficiency.

The course works to develop students’ reading proficiency to at least the level of an advanced beginner and allow them to write short sentences with accuracy. A reading portion of the course will familiarize students with various literary genres. These including poetry and prose from classical and contemporary Russian authors, such as “Diary of Fox Mickey” by Sasha Cherny, “ Boys” by A. Chekhov, “Rainbow-Flower” by Valentin Kataev to name a few. 
   Russian 3-1      3-4    9:50 - 10:35    Alina Obeeva      Spring 19

In this class​ we will do a lot of reading mainly assigned as homework. In the class, we will discuss what was read at home and work on vocabulary, cultural awareness, and communication strategies.

We continue to study​ ​word-formation​, parts of speech, spelling, and​ ​noun declension. A lot of attention will be paid to grammatical and lexical skills, building up a feel for the language and increasing motivation to use it. Writing skills will be developed through various types of dictations.

Reading includes fragments of I. Krylov, S. Marshak, V. Garshin, A. Usachev, V. Oseeva, A. Kuprin, Charles Perrot,​ ​Grimms Brothers, H. Ch. Andersen. 
   Russian 4/5      4-6    10:40 -- 11:40    Nadezhda Zhavoronkina      Spring 19

This class is appropriate for fourth to fifth-grade bilingual children with a strong foundation in Russian. It aims to increase students’ reading and speaking proficiency to an advanced level. We continue studying the parts of speech: declension cases of the nouns, pronouns, and adjectives, and conjugation of the verbs.

The course starts with the basics types of sentences, punctuations, and structures of sentences and paragraphs. Students will practice in rephrasing of sentences, practice in grammar and vocabulary usage.

Students will read and analyze descriptive and informative texts and will develop independent writing skills through dictation exercises. Individual and team work will be a key to advancing students\' oral communication skills.

Reading includes pieces by Ivan Krylov, Lidia Charskaya, Vladimir Zheleznikov, Daniil Kharms, Karel Chapek. 
   Russian 6/7      5-6    12:45 - 1:30    Nadezhda Zhavoronkina      Spring 19

This course designed for students of age ten and older. The greatest focus will be on reading comprehension, both on Russian classical and contemporary works of literature, including Alexander Kuprin\'s \"White Poodle,\" Anton Chekhov\'s \"Kashtanka,\" stories by Vladimir Garshin and Anatoly Aleksin.

Together we will understand and analyze texts to broaden our knowledge of different characters, events, and countries. We will compare our experiences with those of the past to develop our analytical abilities and emotional connectivity

A grammatical portion of the course will deepen knowledge of case system of nouns and practice of their usage with adjectives. There will be quizzes on reading and vocabulary. Students will learn Cyrillic typing.

There will be an introduction to figurative language skills, including similes, metaphors, hyperbole, personification, and idioms. So, the students will explore the choice of words and tone writers use to evoke emotions. 
   Russian 8      6-7    10:40 -- 11:40    Antonina Lifshits      Spring 19

In this class, we\'ll be trying to combine learning Russian Language and study Russian Literature. We intend to refresh grammar from 5 to 7 grades and continue focusing on punctuation and constructing complex sentences. In the \"literature\" part of the curriculum, we\'ll study Russian literature as well as literature in Russian translation.

Russian 8 during this year will incorporate two interesting projects co-piloted by a renowned translator of children books Ms. Olga Bukhina and a publisher Mr. Ilya Bernstein. The first project will focus on translations, while the second will help our students to write and publish their own \"books\" based on family archives and memoirs of the family members. 
   Russian AP      9-11    12:30--1:30    Galina Bunin      Spring 19

Russian Advanced class will get students ready for the Prototype AP Russian Exam which usually takes place in April 2019. Ap Russian is intended for students in the 9th grade and above who wish to engage in the rigorous university-level study before high school graduation. It consists of four subtests, all of which are aimed at the direct assessment of language proficiency. Students in the 9th grade and above may be registered for the test.

At the end of the course, students are encouraged to take the Prototype AP Russian Language and Culture exam. Click the link below to get the 2017 Sample Exam.

Sample Exam 
   Russian 1-2      1-2    5:30-6:30    Regina Gertsenshteyn      Ученики младшего школьного возраста, говорящие по-русски и умеющие читать по слогам.
Занятия будут направлены на:
- дальнейшее развитие как пассивного, так и активного словарного запаса;
- построение связанной речи;
- употребление слов в правильной грамматической форме;
- знакомство с произведениями детской литературы с последующим обсуждением;
- заучивание коротких стихотворений с целью развития речи и памяти;
- начинаем осваивать элементы письма. 
   Russian k      K    4:20-5:20    Regina Gertsenshteyn      Дети 3-5 лет из русскоязычных семей расширяют словарный запас и развивают речевые навыки.
Играя, учимся правильно задавать вопросы и отвечать на них, вести диалоги, описывать картинки, составлять по ним рассказы.
Будем пересказывать короткие интересные истории, разучивать стишки наизусть, слушать песенки.
Делаем первые шаги в обучении чтению.