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Classes will be held on: 01/05, 01/12, 01/19, 01/26, 02/02, 02/09, 02/16, 02/23, 03/02, 03/09, 03/16, 03/23, 03/30, 04/06, 04/13, 05/04, 05/11, 05/18, 06/01, 06/08, 06/15,

Our classes in Wayne, NJ

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   Math Math 2      2    11:20-12:20    Dr. Grigory Portnov      Classes will concentrate on:
Getting to know the world around us. Development of visual and logical thinking. Development of attention and visual memory. Development of imagination
SchoolPlus Wayne offers a math and early logic enrichment class that combines Singapore Math as fundamental concepts to help a child to understand math meaningfully. Gaining a full understanding of a math concept is based on the use of the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach that help a child to feel confident and enjoy math.

The topics in 1A: Counting and Ordinal Numbers from 0-20
Number Bonds and Making Number Stories
Addition and Subtraction with pictorial stories
Shapes, Length, and Weight
The topics in 1B:
Adding Three Numbers
Subtraction. Finding The Missing Numbers
Numbers to 100
Picture Graphs
Introduction in Multiplication and Division
Time and Money
Multiplication and Division by 2 and 3

The revision exercises are provided for cumulative
review of concepts and skills

Fun is a crucial element in the learning experience and your child will experience fun through problem solving and logic games. Color pictures included in all topics

Our program includes challenging, grade-appropriate activities to improve studentsí mathematical skills.
The skills are presented in fun and interesting formats to make math enjoyable 
   Math Math 3      3    16:30 - 17:30    Dr. Grigory Portnov      We explore the range of using of Mathematics in real life. We continue using Singapore Primary Mathematics Package for 3 and 4 grades. Topics that are additionally presented for this age level, such as , Set, Logic and Reasoning, and Probability, Express Methods of Computing, Different Numerical System, etc.
The topics for 2nd grade in Fall semester:
Numbers to 1000
Addition and Subtractions Without Renaming and with Renaming
Length and Weight in Metric and English Systems
Multiplication and Division by 2 and 3

Topics included for 3th grade in Fall semester:
Four Basic operations with numbers up to 10000
Long and short division. Lattice Multiplication
Two-steps word problems
Speed Math Strategies
Two-steps word problems

The topics for 2nd grade in Spring semester:
Finding Missing Number
Mental Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and Division by 4, 5, 10
Addition and Subtraction Money
Introduction into Fractions
Flat and Curved Faces
Making Shapes, Area

Topics included for 3th grade in Spring semester
Mental Calculation
Length, Weight, Capacity
Bar Graphs
Equivalent Fractions

Each lesson in this program includes a rigorous arithmetic lesson. Many basic and challenging problems are given in each lesson, to strengthen the understanding of Arithmetic, and to reinforce the school curriculum. Fun and Games formats and computers are used 
   Math Math-1      1    10:10-11:10    Dr. Grigory Portnov