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CLASS Russian_as_Second_Language 2
TEACHER Nadezhda Zhavoronkina  
TIME 11:30-12:15
LOCATION Manhattan, NY  
ROOM 116
TEXTBOOKS М. Низник, А. Винокурова. Русский без границ.

Russian as a Second language

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Mason D.
Subject Russian_as_Second_Language

This course designed for 8-9 years old children, who were exposed to the Russian Language in their families, but do not speak Russian fluently. It includes reviewing Russian pronunciation and intonation, a systematic review of grammar, increasing vocabulary, and developing fluency in different conversational situations, which will further improve the four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking with an emphasis on communicative competence.

We will concentrate on developing cursory reading skills and building interest in reading.
Students will be assigned appropriate homework, which includes reading short stories, writing, answering questions, learning basic rules, doing simple grammar exercises, listening recorded fairy tales and memorizing pieces of poetry. We also, use of various types of authentic and culturally significant materials, such as proverbs, sayings, tongue-twisters, riddles, and poems.
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