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Welcome to SchoolPlus Chess Program

It is a well known fact that chess develops intelligence. And what is intelligence if not the ability to solve problems? Play the game and discover that the techniques used to analyze chess situations can also be used, sometimes quite creatively, to grapple with puzzling questions in school and real life.

Acquaintance with chess starts with chess basics. Step by step, children study various strategical and tactical elements in chess, beginnings and endgames. Studying of the "immortal" games of world champions as well as games of today's strongest grandmasters, is an indispensable part of our classes.

With homework exercises provided at the end of each lesson, our students learn to concentrate on one or two-moves checkmates as well as various combinations featuring queen sacrifices, double attacks, discovered checks, and many other useful tactical elements, or just quiet moves that eliminate the opponent's potential flight squares (depending on class level.)

Theoretical knowledge is supported with games in class. Regular chess matches between classes and other schools, as well as participation of our students in individual tournaments in New Jersey and New York, help to perfect their game. And for everyday practice we suggest that all students play chess against computer programs of different levels on the web site of Nonna Karakashyan.


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